ABLEPAWS Pick Your Poison
a.k.a. "Toxic"
UKC Registered

Toxic at 3 months old

Toxic and Cera playing in the snow

Toxic at 5 weeks


Parents Grandparents Gr. Grandparents
PR Do Good Ima Big Boi Too Demonios Realm Black Rhino 'PR' Do Good's Big Boi
'PR' Demonios / GK. Diamond
Gen X Storm Blue Jean 'PR' Do Good's Big Boi
Gen x Cant Touch Dis
ABLEPAWS Tri N Stop Me ABLEPAWS Black Tie Affair 'PR' Demonios Realm Black Rhino
ABLEPAWS Keepin Ita (G) Thang
'PR' ABLEPAWS The Finest Of Do Good 'PR' Do Good's Big Boi
Do Good's Whats In A Face

Sired by Toxic

Toxic & Rae Rae
Singleton puppy

Grimm at 5 months
Owned and loved by Eric and Family

"Grimm is the best dog ever, and we are going to refer clients to you from San Diego. Everybody keeps asking where he came from, our vet and trainer as well. Thanks again for such a perfect dog." -Eric Goldberg


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