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CH Dozer








CH Gus







passed away on 2-28-11

Cane Corso Mastiff

Our hearts go out to the Nario family for the loss of Ryder,
truly an awesome animal and good friend.
Raul, you , your family, and Ryder are in my thoughts and prayers.

CH Inca
Inca Binca girl, you touched and made a impact to everyone you met
You are missed, and are one of a kind. I hope heaven has 8 foot fences :)
Your legacy lives on here with us and in other families, rest well baby girl

Co-owned with Raul Nario
Brandi has passed away
Our hearts go out to Raul and Family for the loss of Brandi, truly a special girl.

Mackie I got to see you be born and grow, and got to enjoy your companionship. I know loosing Derrick and Olivia was devastating for you, but I appreciate the time we spent together, you're a good dog!! Somehow my sadness of you passing was replaced by a smile, because when you passed I got a mental image of you hitting those stairs to heaven, and Derrick calling you and getting to the top as fast as you can, rejoined with your best friend. I know they were waiting for you, so I miss you, but run free in paradise and tell Derrick and your mom Dyno we miss them and I have faith we will meet again someday!!" Sleep well Baby Boy.

Passed away in her sleep on 1-10-08
Keebie, Beebie, you were the best dog, and a true joy to have as a friend, I will truly miss having you around, to hang out with and roll with me, you touched and were loved by everyone who met you. Heaven just got a good one, because it does not get better than you.
I want to thank Pam Carter of Gaff Kennels for producing Keeba, and Brigette of Blackfire Kennels, for giving me the opportunity to own Keeba and enjoy her as my friend


Sheboz has passed away
Click here for her page

Ice has passed away
Click here for her page

PR Eliots Extreme Exposure
Blue and white � Full sister to Dynamite

4 months

10 months

On November 24th, we lost our Expo, truly a joy to own and love
and easily the smartest dog I have ever had the pleasure of owning.
I will miss you girl, see you at Rainbow Bridge!!

GRCH Candys Azumah CH Dynamo's Gunny Highway Cock N Bulls' Blue Moon
Herring's Rosa
GRCH Candys Thief of Hearts GRCH Duvall's Jumpin Jack Flash
NGRCH GRCH UCD Candy's Lil' Starfire
Candys Panda Bear GRCH Tufftown Candy's Diamond Jim GRCH Estrella's Black Bear
'PR' Green Mountain Red Hot Ruby
NTLGRCH GRCH UCD Candys Lil Starfire GRCH Estrella's Black Bear
CH 'PR' Dynamite Ivory

Expo is the mother to:
Shelby is out of Mackiavelli and Exposure, full sister to Clorox.
Cleo is by Trouble and out of Expo
ABLEPAWS Perfect Image
ABLEPAWS Extacy Is A (G) Thang
ABLEPAWS Final Edition of Hot Shot
ABLEPAWS Mackie, out of Exposure and Mack
ABLEPAWS O Brother Where Art Thou

Do Good's Big Boi

Click here to see Big Boi's page

Woodforest EZ Pride Of ABLEPAWS

We lost our girl at 11 years old on June 9th, 2006
I want to thank Dr Charlie Lidikay and his wife Shuana and staff
At Fillmore Animal Clinic for all their support and care of our animals.
Truly a one of a kind veterinarian office.

9 months

6 weeks

3 months

4 months

Pride 9 mo with Angel

Doreen, Brittany and Mercedes,
Giving Pride some love

Mercedes and Pride

CH Wood's Forest Mojo Dragon CH Woods EZ Forest Penndragon CH Bruno JTW Haukalucke
CH Scotts Angel Kisses
Woods EZ Ebony & Ivory CH Woods EZ Challenger Chance
Woods EZ Tiffton Meetwo
CH Woods Forest Navy Blooz CH Woods EZ Challengar Chance CH Herrings Bullet
CH Sentinals Just E Zee
Woods Diamondback Dotty Woods Bull of the Woods
Ashrae Hunka Redbolt

Pride has produced the following dogs:
ABLEPAWS Icis Pictured at 4 1/2 months
ABLEPAWS Sissy sired by Top Doggs Monster
ABLEPAWS Chaos The Corrupter owned by Gen X Kennels, sired by Top Doggs Monster
ABLEPAWS Just Smoke Umm sired by Clorox
ABLEPAWS Trouble owned by Jake Andrade, sired by Tradition
ABLEPAWS Blue Rhino owned by Nick Garner, sired by Top Doggs Monster
ABLEPAWS Power Of Pride sired by Tank
ABLEPAWS Prissy sired by Tank

PR Eliots Wet Dream

Here is a picture taken 10/24/05 before we ended Dynos suffering.
After a nasty battle with Breast cancer, Dyno getting some love from Brittany.

This is a very sad day here at ABLEPAWS. My girl PR Eliots Wet Dream was put to rest yesterday (10/24/05). After a nasty battle with breast cancer, Dyno finally told me she was tired of fighting and enough was enough. Through a gut tearing decision, I decided to do the last thing a good friend can to a loyal companion.
I did want to share with anyone who will read it a profound experiance Dyno gave me yesterday, I had been sitting with her for hours in the yard, after a good bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, she was feelin pretty good,sunbathing, and surrounded by all the love she could ever know. We had her wrapped in a blanket because the cancer had affected her back legs and she was not walking well at all, in fact it took to much energy to walk so she just preferred to sit. Well I had to go get my son from school, and when I got up I patted her on the head and said"I will be right back" she looked at me so deep, like as if to say please dont go. I said dont worry I will be right back. My friend Doreen was gonna stay there and pet her while I was gone, now it is a 40 foot walk to the gate and I walked away feeling a heavy heart, when I turned around to tell Doreen something before I left she had her hand over her mouth and eyes full of tears, and I looked down and Dyno had drug herself to the gate to go bye bye in the car. When she had been sitting in the same place for 8 hours. I broke down, and cried for my friend, her mind was fine but her body was failing her. My faithful friend was not gonna let me go alone, she too wanted to go bye bye in the car to be with me, my loyal companion of ten years. I looked at her and said "Faithful to the end , huh girl" I ran my errands but knew all day what I had to do.
Dyno was not afraid when we got to the vets office, and she always trusted me and when I sat on the floor to hold her while we freed her of suffering, I said to her" now I am faithful to you my friend" she put her head in my lap no questiosn asked, no fear, what a brave girl.
I miss you my Dyns, and I am a better person for having known you , thank you girl for being my dog!!!

Dynamite has produced the following fine dogs:
ABLEPAWS Anything But An Angel Owned by Mike McClure
ABLEPAWS Jordyn Sire: Greylines Raider 2
ABLEPAWS Chopper Sire: Greylines Raider 2
ABLEPAWS Mackiavelli Sire: Greylines Raider 2
ABLEPAWS Prince Sire: Tradition
ABLEPAWS Duke's Silver Bullet Sire: Tradition

Ablepaws Talk Of The Town
a.k.a. "Tank"

'PR' Peterson's Cheyanne

CH Hot Shots California Girl
a.k.a. "Charlotte"

Tarzan the Great
We want to show or condolences for the loss of Tarzan,
We know he was loved and will be missed,
He lived a long life of 15 years and died at home with his family.
Eloise and family, we have Tarzan -and you- in our hearts and thoughts.

Sauls Try and Top That
a.k.a. "Bruiser
I would like to give a huge thanks to Eloise for letting me purchase such a wonderful dog,
I will never have another one like him.

Woodforest EZ Winin Tradition
This is a very sad day for me, my family, and ABLEPAWS.� Tradition has died today Saint Patricks day, at 11:35 am of complications from cancer, I will miss you my boy, and I would like to Thank Marsha Wood for producing such a wonderful dog!!� And for giving me my boy and the years of love and companionship he has given me, for me it is farewell to a legend!"

Chops at 7 weeks old

ABLEPAWS Wanna Make Me
"Sleep well my Choppey baby and I will meet you one day at Rainbow bridge"
She was my foundation bitch

Her daughter is

ABLEPAWS Touched By An Angel
Sire: Sauls "Try and Top That"
Dam: ABLEPAWS Wanna Make Me

a.k.a. "Diego"
Sire: Tradition
Dam: ABLEPAWS Touched By An Angel
Once owned and loved by Shannon Simington
May he now rest in peace

Capodiferros Desert Belli
a.k.a. "Belle"
My crazy Belle, we do miss you, the kennel is quiet without you
She is Pennys full sister.
Sire: Tarzan the Great
Dam: Capodiferros Crystal Blue

ABLEPAWS Addition To Tradition
She is pictured at 18 months
She was owned by Shannon Simington
Sire: Tradition
Dam: Belle (pictured above)

CH Woods Majic Brew
We will miss you Brewnie, run fast, run far, run hard!!

Graylines Raider 2

More photos of Graylines Raider 2

Here is the late Greylines Raider 2,
Bred and owned by Tony Moore from Greyline Kennels.
He is the sire of Mackiavelli, Sheboz and Image.
He is also Dynamite and Expos first cousin


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