Upcoming Breedings

Chunk and Mona have been bred, pups due August 5th.
Pups will be UKC registered APBT


Parents Grandparents Gr. Grandparents
ABLEPAWS Double Chocolate Chunk Immortals Sofa King Famous F.A.B. Phenom DNA-P
Immortal's A Ray Of Sunshine
ABLEPAWS Threw The Looking Glass ABLEPAWS Tri N Copy My Swagger
ABLEPAWS Sands Of Time
ABLEPAWS Makin You Smile 'PR' ABLEPAWS They Call Me Lil Titan Fry's Man O War
ABLEPAWS Its All Baby Phat
ABLEPAWS Don't Break Easy ABLEPAWS Bet on Brock
ABLEPAWS Drop It Like Its Hot

For inquiries on the above breedings, please contact ABLEPAWS Kennels

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