Upcoming Breedings

K9 has been bred to Dumplin

Pregnancy confirmed!

Pups will be UKC American Pit Bull Terriers



Parents Grandparents Gr. Grandparents
'PR' GK Koraline K9 Unit Loc 'PR' GK K2 Eva Day I'm Hustling GKK 'PR' Bad Influence Beefy Paparazzi
'PR' GK Midget Ms. Snyker
'PR' GK/KL MS Southern Kali Girl 'PR' GK K2 Eva Day I'm Hustling GKK
'PR' Big Bear
Darksides Toss Me A Tiara T2S's Living Legend at ABLEPAWS ABLEPAWS Little Big Boi of T2S
ABLEPAWS Lil Bit of Time 2 Shine
Certified Voo Doo Child "Naiyah" Street Kings Grey Skull
'PR' Certified Benny-Ill

Chance is being bred to Jax
AKC pups

AKC CH/UKC CH Chavez' Jax R Better


Parents Grandparents Gr. Grandparents
AKC CH/UKC CH Chavez' Jax R Better GCH CH Top Shotta's Soul Rebel Gaff's Get Up Stand Up Of Tsk
Songs Of Freedom Five-O Tsk
AKC Ch. Wye-Deans A River Runs Through It BISS CH Michl R Boomerang OFA
Dotcom's Bella The Ball
ABLEPAWS Just By Chance ABLEPAWS Its How You Play The Game CH Malone Chavez Keepin' The Peace ATTS
Pretty Girl Laimes Vejas
Ali-AJ Greed For Glory of Awafi Gaffs Cedarbar Tug O War of Ali-AJ
Ali-AJ Anza Backfire

Bruce will be bred to Boo on her next heat
Pups will be registered ABKC American Bully


Parents Grandparents Gr. Grandparents
Gold Coast Kennels Bruce of TSD Special Bullies NKOB Stash TSK 'PR' Gottylin's Dax DNA-P/DNA-PP
Special Bullies NKOB Tryna
Primolines N GCK Malibu Barbie GCK Black Mamba
Primoline's Sundae Serenade
ABLEPAWS The Teeniest Of Boos 'PR' ABLEPAWS They Call Me Lil Titan Fry's Man O War
ABLEPAWS Its All Baby Phat
ABLEPAWS Shes A Dandy ABLEPAWS Tribute To Little Ricky
ABLEPAWS Just Toyin With Ya

For inquiries on the above breedings, please contact ABLEPAWS Kennels

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