ABLEPAWS Movin Mountains
a.k.a. "Nemo"
49 lbs 16" tall

Nemo at 4 yrs

Nemo at 4 yrs

Nemo at 4 yrs

Nemo at 4 yrs

Nemo at 4 yrs

Nemo at 4 yrs

Nemo at 4 yrs

Nemo at 4 yrs

Nemo at 3 yrs, 2007

Nemo at 1 year

Nemo trotting out, 1 yr

Nemo at 7 weeks

PEDIGREE for Domino & Cheyenne Puppies

Parents Grandparents Gr. Grandparents
PR Do Good's Domino PR Westbrook's Camacho Do Good PR Glass Henry Do Good
PR Sister Do Good
PR Dumas Vengence PR Luceros Rock N Rex
PR Chinas Liberty 2
'PR' Peterson's Cheyanne 'PR' Peterson's Scooby PR Rusty Santos
PR Lady Red Jessie
Peterson's Choctaw Brewster's Bulldozer
Belohlavek's Kayla

Puppies Nemo has sired:

Nemo x Revenge

Scuba Steve @ 6 wks


Nemo x Precious

Precious x Nemo litter

Owned & loved by Karma kennels

Blue Fawn Female

Red red-nose female
Owned/loved by Rock Raised Kennel in Canada

Champagne Male

Fawn pup

Nemo x Jodaci

BJ, @ 4 months old

Nemo x JC

Casanova @ 10 months
Owned and loved by Karma Kennels

Angelina Jolie
Thanks to the Mcknight family for the great home!!

Two pups at 7 weeks old
Nemo x Penny


Chopper @ 8 wks
Champagne Red-Nose Male

Dark red brindle red-nose pied male

Dark red red-nose boy.

Tator Tot @ 8 wks

Nemo x Molly

Byron, 7 months

Arrow, 5 months
Owned and loved by Deanna

Bruce, 9 months

Twin brothers Byron and Bruce, playing tug, 5 months old

Nemo x Brandy
3 male pups in the litter

Timber @ 6 weeks

Douglas, pictured at 4 months

Meatball at 5 months

Nemo x Panama

Sage at 15 wks


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