ABLEPAWS Maybe Its Maybeline
a.k.a. "Maybeline"
ADBA registered

Sept 2017

Sept 2017

Maybeline in April 2013

Maybeline in April 2013

Maybeline with her sister

Maybeline at 6 weeks


Parents Grandparents Gr. Grandparents
ABLEPAWS I'm No Toy of Do Good 'PR' Do Good's Lucky 'PR' Westbrook's Comacho Do Good
Generation-X Xena
ABLEPAWS Built Tonka Tuff 'PR' Westbrook's Do Good Big Boi
Generation-X's Blue
ABLEPAWS Hugs N Kisses ABLEPAWS Chaos The Corrupter 'PR' Monster Jojola
Woodforest EZ Pride Of ABLEPAWS
ABLEPAWS Keepin Ita (G) Thang 'PR' Do Good's Big Boi
ABLEPAWS Extacy Is A (G) Thang

Nino x Maybeline

Tony at 4 months

Loreal, pictured at 5 months old

Brad Pitt, pictured at 14 mo

Chewy x Maybeline

Kodiak, aka "Bear" at 6 mo
Owned and loved by Josh and Family


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