'PR' ABLEPAWS They Call Me Lil Titan
a.k.a. "Lil Titan"
UKC & ADBA Registered

Lil Titan at 17 mo old

Lil Titan at 17 months

Lil Titan at 17 months

Lil Titan at 17 months

Lil Titan at 17 months

Lil Titan at 6 weeks old with his duck

Lil Titan at 3 weeks old with littermate brother


Parents Grandparents Gr. Grandparents
Fry's Man O War Hilltops Leatherneck Brewser Cloverhills Watuka Spirit
CH Orbans Tula Rue of Hilltop
'PR' Diamond Indaruf Of Infinity CH Empires Mr Bart Jr. OFA-Fair DNA-P
'PR' Empires Blue Amanda
ABLEPAWS Its All Baby Phat Anchovie Smells Like Fish Flores Debow The Real Deal
Do Good's Blue
PR Precious Playgirl Of Southtown GRCH Navarros CA Riggs
Thuggstowns Big Time Diva Roja

Lil Titan has sired the following dogs:

Lil Titan x Grace

11 wks

3 wks

8 wks

11 wks

3 wks

Lil Titan x Saugus

Singleton puppy, "Banshee"
Owned and very loved by Scott Lynch

Lil Titan x Ruby

Rooster @ 3 months
Owned & loved by Michael and Ruby.
Thanks for the great home!

Sandy @ 4 months


Lil Titan x Hope

Flex at 10 months


Lil Titan x Dandy
8 pups in litter, 5 males and 3 females

Kovu at 3 months
Flashy black brindle male

Nala at 5 weeks
Blue fawn female

Mufassa at 3 months
Red with black points male

Zazu at 10 weeks
Blue brindle male

Pumba at 3 months
Flashy black brindle male

Teeny Boo at 14 weeks
Black brindle female

Blue at 5 weeks
Blue brindle male
Owned & Loved by Paul

Kiara at 10 weeks
Red with black points female

Lil Titan X Val
8 pups ~ Born 9/8/14

Blue Tri Female

Blue Fawn female
Owned & loved by Dino
Pictured at 4 months old

Blue female
Owned & loved by Robert
Pictured at 4 months old

Blue Tri female
Pictured at 1 year old

Owned & Loved by Robert

"Albert" @ 6 mo
Owned by the Castillo Family

Lil Titan X Cutie Pie

Two cute Tris


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