ABLEPAWS Hugs N Kisses
a.k.a. "Kisses"

Kisses Halloween 2015

Kisses October 2015

Kisses February 2015

Kisses at 9 months

Kisses at 3 weeks


Parents Grandparents Gr. Grandparents
ABLEPAWS Chaos The Corrupter 'PR' Monster Jojola 'PR' Notorious Juan Gotty
'PR' Barajas Ebony
Woodforest EZ Pride Of ABLEPAWS AKC Ch. Woodforest Mojo Drago
CH Woods Forest Navy Blooz
ABLEPAWS Keepin Ita (G) Thang 'PR' Do Good's Big Boi 'PR' Notorious Juan Gotty
'PR' Barajas Ebony
ABLEPAWS Extacy Is A (G) Thang New Troijans Monster (G)
'PR' Eliots Extreme Exposure

Tyco x Kisses

Pictured at 8 weeks

Pictured at 8 weeks

Nino x Kisses
Two puppies, one male, one female

4 wks old

7 wks

7 wks


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