'PR' ABLEPAWS The Finest Of Do Good
a.k.a. "Jodaci"

Jodaci has been spayed and is retired from our breeding program

Jodaci at 8 months
Enjoying her big ol hole she dug in the yard.

Jodaci at 2 weeks


Parents Grandparents Gr. Grandparents
PR Do Goods Big Boi PR Notorious Juan Gotty PR Gray Lines Raider 2
PR Graylines Calee Love Bluegood
PR Barajas Ebony PR Digo Bluegood
PR Graylines Calee Love Bluegood
Do Good's Whats In A Face 'PR' Westbrooks Comacho Do Good 'PR' Glass Henry Do Good
'PR' Sister Do Good
New Trojan's Monster Baby of Do Good New Trojan's Monster G
Razor's Edge Rayna

Puppies Jodaci has produced

Nemo x Jodaci

BJ, pictured at 4 months old


Oreo x Jodaci

Trinity at 3 1/2 months

"Peek-A-Blue" at 5 weeks

"Wishbone" at 3 weeks.

Wishbone AKA Shanti
Owned & loved by Alexis

Pimp x Jodaci

Josslyn at 4 months
Owned & loved by Gino & family



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