ABLEPAWS Twas A Misdemeaner
a.k.a. "Felony"

Felony in March 2009


Felony in Sept 2003

Felony in June 2003


Parents Grandparents Gr. Grandparents
PR New Troijans Monster (G) PR Westbrook's Comacho Do Good PR Glass Henry Do Good
PR Sister Do Good
Shocka G PR Westbrook's Comacho Do Good
PR Tonys Showtime
ABLEPAWS Wht Kums Arnd Gos Arnd ABLEPAWS Fell Into Bleach ABLEPWS Mackiavelli
Eliots Extreme Exposure
Gaffs Special Edition of Blackfire CH Gaffs Limited Edition
Gaffs Little Mattie Skrams

Puppies Felony has produced:

Tyson x Felony

Photo was taken the day they turned 6 weeks

L to R: Black F, Black M, Blue F, Black/white M

Black male with snip

Black and white Male

Black Female with snip

Blue Female

Rigid watching over young Nicolas as he takes a bathRigidSexy is owned by David

Rigid at 2 years

Lucky x Felony Puppies
Pups born the 27th of May, 2004

Black and White Male

Red Fawn Male

Champagne Red-Nosed Male

Red Fawn with Black Mask Male

Black and White Female

Ablepaws Wet Mango at 6 wks

Rock x Felony Puppies
Born 3/24/06

Thanks to X Factor Kennels
For the great home!

Black & White Male, 5 wks

"Gangstaboo" (female)
Thanks to Dayon for the great home!

Monster G passed away on July 5th, 2003
Our heartfelt condolences to Rodney and Mario at New Troijan for their loss of Monster G.
His legacy lives on!


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