ABLEPAWS Just By Chance
a.k.a. "Chance"
AKC Registered

Chance, Sept 2022

Chance in Sept 2016

Chance at 9 months

Chance and Santa, 2016

Chance at 9 months

Cooley and Chance with her wins
Non-licensed puppies

Chance at 3 months

Chance at 3 months

Baby Chance at 4 weeks


Parents Grandparents Gr. Grandparents
ABLEPAWS Its How You Play The Game CH Malone Chavez Keepin' The Peace ATTS BISS CH Michl R Boomerang
Aftershocks All That Jazz
Pretty Girl Laimes Vejas Corleone Szalai's AKA Bruno
CH Canga Skaudulys
Ali-AJ Greed For Glory of Awafi Gaffs Cedarbar Tug O War of Ali-AJ CH Malone's Knight Of Nobility
Gaff's Evening In Paris
Ali-AJ Anza Backfire Ali-AJ The Firestarter
Ali-AJ Pele Blue Flame

Puppies produced by Chance

Ziggy x Chance
8 pups, 5 males and 3 females

"Buck White" male

"Abu" male

"R-Jay" male

"J-Rocc" male

"Venice" male

"Raja" female
Owned & loved by Top Shotta Kennels

"Jazmine" female

"Lexi" female

Tyson and Chance

Bean, female
Owned by Ablepaws

Hans, male

Pacoca and Chance
Breeding produced 2 males

Chubby @ 10 wk

Dolla Benjamin @ 15 mo

Jax and Chance

Royal at 10 months
Owned/loved by Angel


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