ABLEPAWS Saved By The Bell
a.k.a. "Belle"

Belle with a big grin

Cocking her head to a squeaky ball

This girl is as wide as she is tall, standing at a true 15 inches.


Belle at 3 wks


Parents Grandparents Gr. Grandparents
Razors Edge Williams Bull Razors Edge Picture Me Rollin CH Razors Edge Purple Rose O Cairo
Razors Edge Koi
Razors Edge California Love GRCH Razors Edge Throwin Knuckles
GRCH Razors Edge Sadey Paddington
Gaffs Special Edition of Blackfire CH Gaffs Limited Edition Perdues Cold Shot
Gaffs Ali
Gaffs Little Mattie Skrams CH Lil Sierras Percy Penny Packer
CH Gaffs California Velvet

Puppies produced by Belle:

Beefcake at 13 months
Grizzley x Belle


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