'PR' Do Goods I'm So Lucky
DNA-P Microchipped 482435046C

Lucky has passed his OFA-Cardiac & OFA-Patellas
OFA numbers and record will be posted soon.
Further tests will be completed soon, results posted as they come.

Alex giving Old man Lucky some love

The old man, still showing the pups the ropes
Boxer puppy at 8 wks out of Banshee and Baby Bop

Lucky and his ropey toy 10/15/10

Lucky at the beach

Lucky at the beach with his ropey bunny

'Air' Lucky

Lucky portrait

Lucky headstudy

Lucky tugging

Lucky chillin' in the backyard

Lips the Boxer and Lucky

Lucky 5 years old, playing with a Boxer puppy from Lips and Hye at 5 weeks old.
The Boxer puppy has invaded his bed :)

Lucky in his dog bed, Jan 2006

Lucky, Halloween 2006

Lucky at 9 months

Lucky at 9 months

Lucky in January

Lucky in November 2003

Lucky in November 2003


Parents Grandparents Gr. Grandparents
'PR' Westbrook's Camacho Do Good 'PR' Glass Henry Do Good 'PR' Throops Liberty
'PR' Atzlans Gypsy Rose Lee
'PR' Sister Do Good 'PR' Atzlans Rambo
Atzlans Bertha
'PR' Generation-X Xzena 'PR' Bergados Silvers ("Gorilla") 'PR' Vasquez White Boots
'PR' Vasquez Red Reba
'PR' Chain Gang Ashes 'PR' Dela Cruzs Crazy Lew
'PR' Tonys Showtime

Puppies Lucky has Sired

Do Good's Lucky x Tonka

Tyco in February 2006
Lucky x Tonka

Out of Lucky & Tonka

Out of Lucky & Tonka

Out of Lucky & Tonka

Out of Lucky & Tonka

Out of Lucky & Tonka

Do Good's Lucky x Felony

Ablepaws Wet Mango
Out of Lucky & Felony

Do Good's Lucky & Lusion

Sumo at 2 years
Thanks to Rebecca and Mark for the great home!!

Black Brindle & White Male
Owned by Kami and Mason
5 wks

Blue Fawn & White Female
Owned by Sherry
5 wks

"Bear" 4 1/2 mo
Owned by John

Another photo of Bear

"3000" - Blue & White Male
Owned by Leshaun

Do Good's Lucky x Lusion (Repeat Breeding) born 12/7/05

Black Brindle & White Female
Owned by AZ Pit Life Kennels
Pictured at 3 months

Blue Brindle & White Female
Owned by Andrew

Blue Fawn & White Female

Blue Fawn & White Female

Black Brindle & White Male

Fawn & White Piebald Male

Blue Fawn Piebald Male

Do Good's Lucky x Rayna born 01-07-07

Black Brindle & White Male

Black Brindle & White Female

Blue Brindle & White Female

Do Good's Lucky x Ruby


Wrigley at 7 months



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