Sired by Big Boi

Aaliyah & Big Boi


Uncle Nunzio




Mama Santucci

Big Boi x Monster Baby

Owned by Benedicts Pit Bulls

Owned by Paul & Vashti

Do Good's Black Witch
Owned by Peterson Pitbulls

Do Good's Bud
Owned by Ron

Black male at 4 wks

Black/White Female at 4 wks

Big Boi x Grace

Do Good's Maximum Perfection
Owned by ABLEAPWS Kennel

Do Good Lennox

Do Good's Perfect Storm
Owned by Blue Nation Bloodlines

Do Good's Sassy

Do Good Domino

Tyson & Lennox as pups

Big Boi x GenerationX Blue

Ablepaws Built Tonka Tuff
Owned by ABLEAPWS Kennel

ABLEPAWS I Aint Fluffy
Pictured at 10 months

Ebony & littermates

Big Boi x Deja

Owned by Sergio Lopez

Maximus The Great
Owned by Royal Blue Generation Kennels

Big Girl
Owned by Do Good Kennels

Big Boi x Rayna

Do Good's Raven
Pictured at 18 months

ABLEPAWS Famous Jet Jackson
at 1 year old

ABLEPAWS The Dog Father
Pictured at 10 weeks
Owned by EyeCandy Kennels

Lefty, owned by Westside Kennels

Blue male, 10 weeks old

Female shown at 18 months

Negra at 11 months
Owned by Jesus at Wicked Pits

Thanks for the great home Stealhead Pits!
Male,1 year old

Big Boi x Lusion

Owned by Jay at Bluegood Kennels
3 months

6 months
Owned and loved by Paul and Vashti

owned by Trevinos Pits

Ablepaws Doin' Good (Tactik)

Anice at 5 months

Big Boi x DeeJay

Male, 5 wks

Male, 5 wks

Male, 5 wks

Male, 5 wks

Pups, 5 wks

Big Boi x Lightning

Female, 1 week

Male, 1 week

Male, 1 week

Big Boi x GMJ Zena

ABLEPAWS Legend In The Making
Owned by Paul & Vashti


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