PR Do Good Ima Big Boi Too
U.K.C. Registered
a.k.a. Cream or Pimp

Owned by Warren Westbrooks
Thank you for the use of this beautiful boy!!

Ari and Pimp place 1st at an ABKC fun show

Cream at 10 months


Parents Grandparents Gr. Grandparents
Demonios Realm Black Rhino 'PR' Do Good's Big Boi 'PR' Notorious Juan Gotty
'PR' Barajas Ebony
'PR' Demonios / GK. Diamond 'PR' Ganghis Kon Duke Reyes
'PR' Demonios/GK. Shantay
Gen X Storm Blue Jean 'PR' Do Good's Big Boi 'PR' Notorious Juan Gotty
'PR' Barajas Ebony
Gen x Cant Touch Dis New Troijans Monster G
Razors Edge Rayna

Pimp x Dori
DOB 8-21-09

Big Hunk at 3 months
"He is already spoiled rotten. We love him so much.
Thanks Again for Big Hunk!" ~ Israel

Kit Kat (white on face) and Baby Ruth (solid face)
Pictured at 3 months old
Baby Ruth now owned and loved by Trevis.

Hershey, pictured at 6 months
Hershey is owned and loved by the Brenner Family.

Reeses pictured at 6 weeks

Pimp x Baby Phat
5 puppies born 10-16-09

Nahla, pictured at 3 months
Owned & loved by Shawn and Family

Maddy, pictured at 3 months
Owned & loved by Emily and Family

Black Beauty
Owned and loved by Damien


Blue Female

Pimp x Jodaci

Josslyn at 4 months
Owned & loved by Gino & family


Pimp x Penny
born 5-25-09

Mocha Latte

Owned and loved by Louis,
thank you for the great home!
Cappy pictured here at 8 months


Choco Taco.
Pic'd at 4 mo

Pimp x Ruby Too

Sheeba AKA Lilly at 4 months
Champagne female
She is the perfect pet with a perfect family.
Owned and loved by Angela

Lilly (Sheeba)
with her buddy Oliver AKA Mr Smores (Deebo and Kyona)
Christmas 2010

Santana AKA Hank, 7 months old
Owned and Loved by the Biggs Family,
Thank you for the great home!!

Alexia with Buddy at 4 months

Buddy at 4 months

Sal at 3 months old

Sonny at 3 months

Floyd, 10 weeks

Randal, 3 months

Isis, 12 wks

Group shot of three pups, 3 mo

Cooper, 4 months

Pimp x Deja

Black Female
4 weeks

Cera, pictured at 14 weeks.
Owned/loved by the Kilker family

Rozay, Champagne Male
Owned by Immortal Kennels

Pimp x Kaluha

Dakota, pictured at 5 mo.

Pimp and Whiskey

Blue male pup, pictured at 5 weeks old
owned by Immortal kennels

Pimp and Nike
2 pups in the litter, ADBA and ABKC registered

Mitch at 5 months

Abbey at 6 months
Owned and loved by the Kopp Family

Pimp and Precious

ABLEPAWS Got An Angel In Galotti
a.k.a. "Booger"

Pimp and Butters

Marigold at 14 weeks


Pimp x Trinity


Pimp x Miracle

Izzy and her best friend Rissa
Owned & loved by the Garner family

Pictured at 4 mo

Pictured at 4 mo

Pimp x Henna

Blue male

Pimp x Godiva
Three females in the litter

Pictured at 6 mo

Pictured at 6 wk

Owned and loved by the Mcmanus Family, thank you for the great home!!!

Pimp x Hope
2 pups in this litter

Lil Cuzz
Pictured at 6 months

Baby at 3 months

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