a.k.a. "Sombra"
UKC Registered

Sombra at 5 months old

Sombra at 5 months old

Sombra at USBR Halloween Show 2017

Sombra at 7 weeks


Parents Grandparents Gr. Grandparents
Immortals Sofa King Famous F.A.B. Phenom DNA-P Gottyline's Dax DNA-P/DNA-PP
Gottyline's CPT Hennessy
Immortal's A Ray Of Sunshine Gottyline's Dax DNA-P/DNA-PP
Pittboss' Missy
ABLEPAWS Don't Break Easy ABLEPAWS Bet on Brock PR Do Good Ima Big Boi Too
ABLEPAWS Legend In The Making
ABLEPAWS Drop It Like Its Hot 'PR' Do Goods Sayin Jokes On You
'PR' BlueIllusion's Deja Vu


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