ABLEPAWS Gonzales Rigid

Rigid at three years old

Rigid at three years old

Rigid at two years

Rigid as a pup

Rigid & his litter at 6 weeks


Parents Grandparents Gr. Grandparents
'PR' Do-Goods Maximum Perfection 'PR' Do Goods Big Boi 'PR' Notorious Juan Gotty
'PR' Barajas Ebony
'PR' Pereiras Grace 'PR' My Buddy Rosco Patton
'PR' Blaze Titan Paxton
ABLEPAWS Twas A Misdemeaner 'PR' New Troijans Monster (G) 'PR' Westbrook's Comacho Do Good
Shocka G
ABLEPAWS Wht Kums Arnd Gos Arnd ABLEPAWS Fell Into Bleach
Gaffs Special Edition of Blackfire

Puppies Rigid has sired

Hypnotiq x Rigid


Harley, black and white male

Topaz, blue and white female

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