ABLEPAWS Black Tie Affair
a.k.a. "Oreo"
Born 4/23/07

Oreo and Alexia

Oreo, Dec 2011

Alexia and Oreo at Guasti Park UKC show

Alexia and Oreo, Dec 2011

Oreo in spring 2009

Oreo playing in the tire at 16 months

Oreo at 6 months

Oreo at 6 months with brother Copper

Oreo at 12 weeks

Rhino and Piggy tied


Parents Grandparents Gr. Grandparents
Demonios Realm Black Rhino 'PR' Do Good's Big Boi 'PR' Notorious Juan Gotty
'PR' Barajas Ebony
'PR' Demonios / GK. Diamond 'PR' Ganghis Kon Duke Reyes
'PR' Demonios/GK. Shantay
ABLEPAWS Keepin Ita (G) Thang 'PR' Do Good's Big Boi 'PR' Notorious Juan Gotty
'PR' Barajas Ebony
ABLEPAWS Extacy Is A (G) Thang New Troijans Monster (G)
'PR' Eliots Extreme Exposure

Puppies Oreo has sired

Oreo x Jodaci

Trinity at 3 1/2 months

"Peek-A-Blue" at 5 weeks

Wishbone AKA Shanti
Owned & loved by Alexis

Oreo x Sadie
Singleton Puppy

Layla, pictured at 12 weeks

Oreo x Zoe
Singleton Puppy


Oreo x Miracle
Four pups in the litter

Black & White Female A

Black & White Female B

Blue Male

Oreo x Paris
Eight pups in the litter

Blue Fawn Female

Chief (M)
Owned/Loved by Jessica and Ron

Clark (M)

Flirt (F)

Powder (M)

Tonto (M) at 6 mo
Owned/loved by the Wylder Family

Squirt & Vader (M)


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