ABLEPAWS Mackiavelli
a.k.a. "Mackie"

I want to dedicate this page to Derek and Olivia Gaines
It is because of the death of my friend and his mother that I have Mackie back here
May they both rest in peace, and I have Mackie here to remind me of them both.

Mackie and Derek

Mackie at 10 months


Parents Grandparents Gr. Grandparents
Graylines Raider 2 PR Westbrooks Comacho Do Good PR Glass Henry Do Good
PR Sister Do Good
Tonys Showtime GRCH Tufftowns Candys Diamond Jim
NGRCH UCD GRCH Candys Lil Starfire
Eliots Wet Dream GR CH Candys Azumah CH Dynamos Gunny Highway
GR CH Candy's Theif Of Hearts
Candy's Panda Bear GR CH Tufftown Candys Diamond Jim
NGRCH UCD GRCH Candys Lil Starfire

Puppies Mackie has sired:

ABLEPAWS Frozen In Time
Pistol is co-owned with Karma Kennels

ABLEPAWS Fell Into Bleach
Clorox is owned by ABLEPAWS


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