Unchnd Immortals Whos The Boss
a.k.a. "Foreman"
OFA Cardiac Normal
Microchip 445A6C532C
DOB is 7-22-1999

Foreman is now RETIRED

Thank you Anthony and Stacey for letting this beautiful male into my home

Foreman enjoying himself on a warm summer day in California
Aug 2006

Foreman in October, 2004
**Update!** Foreman passes his OFA cardiac and OFA patellas at Nationals 2004.

Foreman loves his ball
Photos taken Nov 19th, 2004

Foreman, November 19th, 2004

Foreman at the Modesto show
Thanks Becky for the photo


Parents Grandparents Gr. Grandparents
Demonio Chato Jiron's Gaffs Ca. Bakala CH Lil Sierra Percy Penny Packer
Sierra's Gaffs Ca. Abby
PR Gaffs Ca. Lexxus CH PR Davenports Coolhand Luke
CH Gaffs Ca. Cheeks Dutch
Gaffs Immortal Chyna 4 Ever Unchnd Gaffs Sierra Tomo CH Lil Sierra Percy Penny Packer
GRCH Gaffs California Zima
AKC/UKC CH Gaffs Miss Daisy-Mae OFA CH Gaffs Silver Simba
GRCH Gaffs Powder of Oakhaven

Foreman is the sire to the following dogs:

Out of Keeba and Foreman
Owned and dearly loved by Bjay and Taliyah.

Out of Foreman & Keeba

Out of Keeba and Foreman

Balder at 8 months
Out of Keeba and Foreman
Owned by Chris

out of Foreman and Smokey
A big thanks to Mike at Dogg Pound Pits
for giving her such a great home!

Bred by Mojo Kennels
By Foreman x Kelly
UKC Major Pointed!

Out of Foreman x Zoe
Pictured at 8 months
Owned by Galotti's Kennel

Foreman x Inca

Little Foreman
Owned by Immortal Kennels
Out of Zoe

Fawnzie (out of Zoe)
Pictures taken by 818 photography
Fawnzie is owned and loved by Karma kennels

Alasia is a Gaff-bred female, and a half-sister to Foreman


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