'PR' Peterson's Cheyanne
Bred by Lynda Peterson of Peterson's Pitbulls

Cheyanne in 2003

Head shot of Cheyanne

Cheyanne in January, 2003
Be sure to notice Rock on the bottom of the picture, trying to get in to say hi!

Cheyanne is the mother of:

a.k.a. "Red"

Damu at 7 months


Parents Grandparents Gr. Grandparents
'PR' Peterson's Scooby PR Rusty Santos PR Reyes Chaz Mania
PR Reyes Tasha
PR Lady Red Jessie PR Camelot's The Duke
PR Brewster's Pebbles
Peterson's Choctaw Brewster's Bulldozer Pool's Max
Johnson's Hershey Kiss
Belohlavek's Kayla PR TNT's Bustin Loose
Bryant's Brandy Wine


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