Brittany's Page

Brittany working with Mona, Layla, and Cali

Hangin' out with Grandma

Brittany and Layla camping summer 2014

Brittany and Layla 2014

Brittany and Layla, Sept 2013

Brittany and Layla, Fall 2011

Brittany and Nikki, enjoying Christmas 2009

Brittany, March 2009

Britt and Lips spending some time together

Brittany's Soccer Photos

Brit and Lips share a special moment

Britt and Bonnie lounging at the San Diego ABKC show.

Another pic of Britt and Bonnie lounging at the San Diego ABKC show.

Brittany and cousin Kevin at Bobs Big Boi on the way back from the beach.

Mini, Brittany, and Lips

Brittany and her friend Brittani, getting ready for winter formal

Brittany walking at the beach with two of her friends, Joey and Jeremy

Brittany at her junior high graduation, with her BFF Alexis.

Peaches at five years old, riding in Griffith park

Lucky and Brittany

Brittany & Troubles
Troubles the cat is owned by my good friend Lorri at Galottis Kennel

Brittany in the ring with Karma
Brittany takes a Best Junior Handler under Judge Proctor.

Peaches, Brittany's horse, at 4 years

Brittany with Hye and Lips, her Boxers, Nov 2005

To see Brittany's Boxer "Lips" click on the image below

To see Brittany's Boxer "Hye" click on the image below

Brittany at Graduation

Kessi, Brittany's cat

Brittany and Rumble

Brittany wins Best Junior Handler with Charlette
At the UKC California Classic under Patrick O'Donnell

Brittany wins another best Junior Handler (6/5-6/04)
Under Judges Shawn Jones, and Lisa Enriquez

Here is Brittany with honorable Judge Skip Miller
handling BISS AKC CH/UKC GR CH Hilltops King Cobra
Brittany picks up another Best Junior Handler
Thanks to Ed From Mustang Kennels for letting Brittany Handle Cobra.

Brittany with two pups from Tyson and Felonys litter
December 2003

Pepper and Brittany at 2 years

Brittany at 14 months with ABLEPAWS Wanna Make Me (a.k.a. "Chops")

Brittany at 20 months with two fuzzy friends,
The Siberian Husky is Maskarades Unforgotten Realms or better known as Lestat,
He is a old man now but he still lives with us
The Akita is Bonsais Hiroko Go Geisha Girl,
Owned and loved by my good friend Cyndi Murrell.

Here is Brittany with Primetimes Auraora Borealis of Tega, or better known as Aura,
This is my moms(Brittany's Grandmother) dog and he is a Samoyed

Brittany and an APBT puppy bred by ABLEPAWS Kennel

Brittany is 16 years old and has been handling dogs with me since she was old enough to walk.  I noticed she had the same interest in the animals as I do very early.

Checkers after her bath

She currently owns a Pit Bull, ABLEPAWS Play The Game or better known to her family as Checkers.  Checkers was spayed last year, but has stayed here as our pet and lives in our home with  us.  Brittany likes to take Checkers with her friends for walks and to go hiking up in the hills behind our house. Also she enjoys her regular bath:)

To see more of Checkers, please click here

Brittany and Ryder
Brittany picks up another junior handler win with Ryder in Tulare
Under Judge Monnie Sims

Brittany and Ryder
Brittany picks up another junior handler win in Tulare
Under Judge Ruth Kramer

Also there is Peaches, Brittanys horse, a Belgian draft cross, now 15 months old.  She is not broke, and she loves Brittany so much that Brittany can ride her in halter and bareback.  Lastly, but certainly not least is Cesy, the Cabbit cat.  Who is the princess of the group and would have it no other way!!!  She prefers to spend her days lounging around and sleeping, with an occasional cat treat.  These animals belong to Brittany, not myself, and Brittany is responsible for taking care of them.  And she does.

Brittany of Ablepaws,
earning a Best Junior Handler, thanks Jean Murray.

Brittany gets another junior win, her and Charlette make a great team!!

Tiffany and Pepper at a show in 1994

Pepper hanging out in the house, total couch potato

Tiffs Grand Pepper
Where this love for animals grew from is Brittanys first dog named "Tiffs Grand Pepper" she was a Dalmatian, and Brittanys true pride and joy. I was showing Pepper for some friends of mine and Brittany became attached and the dog had to stay. Brittany and Pepper were the same age, and Pepper was ever so loving to Brittany and very very protective.  Pepper had one litter sired by Spotsboros Fyre in the Hole or better known as Holy, and Brittany decided that was enough and Pepper was spayed. Those four pups that were born we still keep track of today.  Sadley Pepper died at 7 and Brittany took it very hard, she loved that dog, and that dog loved her.  We spent many nights crying, Brittany because she wanted her dog back, and I because Brittany was so sad.  I had never seen such sadness in a child.  Pepper will remain a part of us forever, and for Brittany she will never forget her canine friends love and loyalty.  I want to dedicate this in the memory of Jon Morrison, a good friend and Peppers breeder, Rest In Peace and thanks for the years of friendship.

Brittany & Pepper
Brittany is 18 months old in this photo

A young Brittany handling Pepper's sister, Freckles

Brit and Freckles

Ryder pictured here in the ring with Brittany
Rider got 10 more points this weekend!

Brittany & Ryder

This is Peaches at 15 months old
Peaches is Brittanys draft cross
We got peaches from the Pegasus foundation,
She was imported from canada when she was only a few months old and we bought her.
She is a really neat horse and is so loving.
She is almost two now and Brittany is now riding her in saddle and bridle.

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