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Brittany and her team, at their end of tournament season farewell party.

Brittanys 2010 tournament soccer team
Coach William
Girls U-19 Champions

Rancho Cucamonga Tournament G-19 Champions.

Oxnard Tournament, G-U19 3rd place

Playing at the beach in between games.
Left to right is Megan, Sara, Brittany, and Brittany K.

Brittany and Brittany...enjoying time with good friends

Lets go fly a kite...

Diggin for sand crabs

Brittany and Levi

A really cool EZ glider going over the ocean while we were there

At this beach you are still allowed to ride your horses


Here is Brittanys girls U-16 girls tournament team. Coach William.

Brittany was asked to play tournament soccer for Saugus again.
Here she is after a game with her good friend Nicki

Brittany went for the shot, ended up down,
with the ball in front of the net the goalie turned quick to go after it,
and when she did, she kicked Brittany right in the mouth!!
Bloody mouth and all Brittany got up and played!

On March 10 and 11 we played in Thousand Oaks for the Pot O Gold Tournament
After a long hard weekend, the girls won third place with a final victory in the fourth game
coming over the Home team of Thousand Oaks with the score being 1-0.

Brittany's 2007 Tournament Team
"Saugus Heat"

Brittanys team went to the Coyote Classic, on February 10 and 11

This season Brittany is number six, her favorite number, go Saugus!

Brittany and her best friend Alexis (both forwards) after a goal

Going for the slide tackle!

After a goal


Oxnard Tournament

Brittany hugging her friend Tara after a goal

Quartz Hill Shootout

After a Goal at Saugus
Brittany is primarily a forward, and does she love to score!!
I had a coach tell me once that Forward players are the hardest kids to raise at home,
because they have that fire in the belly, something about that never give up attitude :)

A very hot weekend for four games but the girls played beautifully!!

After a Goal

Brittany at the beach after we played Burbank.

Brittany plays soccer, this is her Spring AYSO Tournament Team
Coached by William, the Team name is BIG BLUE.

Playing a game against Newberry Park

Britt with her team mates after she scored a goal.
Go Saugus!!!

Brittany and Lips at Soccer Practice, Spring 2006

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