ABLEPAWS Heaven On My Lips
a.k.a. "Bonnie"

Bonnie has been spayed and is retired from breeding

Lips, Brittany and Bonnie

Bonnie, July 2009

Bonnie, July 2009

Bonnie, Nov 2008

Britt and Bonnie lounging at the San Diego ABKC show.

Another pic of Britt and Bonnie lounging at the San Diego ABKC show.

Bonnie (1yr) and her mom Lips (5yr)

Bonnie on her 1 year birthday

Bonnie playing with her Hollee Roller

Bonnie hiding in the tire

Bonnie at 9 months, playing with her toy

Bonnie the day she turned 8 weeks old


Parents Grandparents Gr. Grandparents
Royal Lees MVP CH Caxias Clay of E.T. Powers JP CH Turos Futurian of Cachet
CH Greenfields Dreams N Schemes
Pineflats Nostalgic Dream CH Sundarbys Fleetwood Mac
CH Baldrs Angelita
ABLE PAWS Pucker Up Tha Kisme Mojave Crests Ali-Chatman CH Plaryskps Noble Knight
Mojave Crests Candy Heart
Roxy Gabriella Trinidad Vaya Sancho Baugh
China Nitha Baugh

Lips with her new litter

Produced by Bonnie

Banshee x Bonnie

Dakota, male

Keni, male

Barron, male

Sanchez, male

Skylee, female


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